Wow Modal Windows Pro - Show after

«Show after modal window» function allows setting the sequential windows display dependence on the site. To do this it's necessary to:

  1. Create and name the first modal window (Window 1).
  2. In the Display section set the cookies support and specify the reset time (Reset in) for pop-up block.
  3. Create and name the second modal window (Window 2).
  4. In the «Show modal window» unit check on the item «Show after modal window». Select the name of the first (the one before display) pop-up block in the appeared drop-down list. Save all settings through the «Update».

Visiting the site for the first time the user will see Window 1, and for the second time - Window 2. The first block rerun depends on the settings in the Reset in field. The same can be done for the next information blocks display. The plugin allows creating a whole network of dependencies used in a modal windows web resource.

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