Wow Modal Windows Pro - Close Button

Extended settings unit is designed to modify the appearance of the modal window close button. With the help of it one can specify alternative ways of completing the pop-up display unit, such as clicking on the background layer (overlay) or «Esc» button. «Select a type» menu item allows to choose the type of button display as a graphic element (image) or a short text message (text). Main settings unit for "image" includes:

  • size – setting the size of the cover form;
  • top position – location on the Y axis;
  • right position – location on the X axis;
  • delay –  specifying  the delay time of button appearance;
  • background color – sets the background image color;
  • color –  is used to select a color of the graphic element (or text) display .

When choosing a close button in the form of text, appear some additional parameters:

  • content – a field for entering a text message. The specified text will be displayed on the close button of a modal window;
  • padding top & bottom – internal upper and lower indent from the content to the closing element borders;
  • padding left & right – internal indent on the left and right sides from the button content to the container borders;
  • border width – it allows you to set the display frame width around the form;
  • border radius – adds a decorative effect of rounding button corners;
  • border color – sets the frame color.

With the Close Button menu it’s easy to create and configure bright closing buttons for the modal window. Closing element delay output function will attract the user's attention to the information, provided by the pop-up block.

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