Wow Modal Windows Pro - Style

This section is intended to adjust the display style of a modal window. Allows to change the appearance of a pop-up block, its size and color scheme. The main feature set includes:

  • width – used to change the modal window width;
  • height – specifies the height of the pop-up unit;
  • padding – used to configure the internal indents from the content to the parent container.

Framework unit display is regulated:

  • border width – sets the border thickness around the window;
  • border radius – determines the degree of rounding the block corners;

The starting position is determined by:

  • position – sets the positioning parameters of an element on the page (absolute or fixed);
  • z-index – indicates the parameters of the "overlapping" the other elements by the window.

The following values allow to indicate the distance from the pop-up window to the parent element in percentage :

  • top position and Bottom position – from the top and bottom edges, respectively;
  • left position and Right position – from the left and right edge.

To set the background of the window and change its color schemes are used:

  • Background image – add a background image in a modal window box with the specified reference;
  • Overlay – allows to plug the background layer overlay to a web page when displaying the window and select its color;
  • Background color – sets the general color block solution;
  • Border color – determines the display frame color.

Style block is used to give the modal window a distinctive style that corresponds to specific user targets. With just a few clicks you can create an attractive block with important information for visitors.

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