Wow Modal Windows Pro - Editor

Convenient editor with features familiar to many users is designed for rapid entry and change the information you need. Setting the display of text content is done via the menu panel. It allows:

  • specify the text style;
  • align the content to the page width or the page edges;
  • add lists and quotations;
  • insert, edit and delete links;
  • expand the editor to full screen;
  • display additional toolbar (changing the color of messages, insertion of a horizontal line, specifying indents and other tasks).

To add media files in the window just choose them on a local disk or link to third-party site. Downloaded from an external source images, audio and video, are stored in the shared library, where they can be grouped by date and sorted by the galleries, playlists. Each media file is additionally defined by a title, caption, and description. The image has an alternative text and proportions input fields, the ability to customize miniatures. For a detailed study of the appearance of a pop-up content unit there is an easy to use HTML-editor. It enables formatting with special tags and set precise settings of the window display content. It supports the use of shortcodes (shortcode) for various purposes.

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