Float Menu Pro - Installation

  • Download the Float Menu Pro from link below/above;
  • Disable the Free Version of plugin, if installed. The free versions: Float Menu;
  • Installation option 1: Find and install this plugin in the Plugins -> Add new section of your wp-admin;
  • Installation option 2: Download the zip file, then upload the plugin via the wp-admin in the Plugins -> Add new Or unzip the archive and upload the folder to the plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/ via ftp;
  • Press Activate when you have installed the plugin via dashboard or press Activate in the Plugins list;
  • Go to Float Menu Pro section that will appear in your main menu on the left;
  • Go to “License” in plugin menu;
  • Enter license key and click ‘Save Change’;
  • Click button ‘Activate License’;
  • DONE

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