Float Menu Pro - Settings

The section is used to add, delete and configure individual menu items. Depending on the order of the items creation, they are assigned the corresponding numbering. All elements, except the first one, can be specified as menu sub-items. To do this, check the "Sub item" box. Submenu is displayed only through the basic (first) element of the navigation bar.


The block contains detailed settings for each item and sub-menu. To set the parameters use:

  • icon – allows you to select the appropriate icon to display it on the button. All graphic elements are divided into groups for easy searching. The checkbox in the "custom" field allows to insert the link to the picture from the third-party resource;
  • name – the field to enter the name of the menu item. The label will be displayed to the user when labels are connected to the panel elements;
  • item type – specifies the type of the navigation button. Allows to specify links to other resources, connect the print function, social panels, establish comfortable interaction with the user, display the modal window with the system or information message;
  • color – sets the color for the icon and the label of the menu item;
  • background – specifies the background of the single element of the navigation bar.

Depending on the type of menu item also can be specified:

  • link – the field for specifying the address of the page. When the check box is selected, the link will open in the new browser window;
  • social networks – the option for choosing the social network from the proposed list of variants.

Popup setting

The settings section serves to edit the contents of the built-in modal window. Contains the following parameters:

  • popup title – allows you to set the message title in the pop-up block;
  • popup content – contains the editor with advanced features for adding and editing text, media files and HTML tags. It serves to specify and configure the "body" of the message. Can be used to connect forms or other items via the shortcode.

Show menu

The section is intended for setting the parameters of displaying the pop-up menu on the page. You can use it to specify:

  • display the navigation bar to all or the single group of visitors to the web resource. The separation of users occurs depending on their authorization status;
  • output depending on the language of the page. The checkbox is selected for the connection. The parameter allows to create functional multilingual panels;
  • showing on all or individual pages and posts of the site. Allows to set exceptions or display by ID, the inserted shortcode.

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