Float Menu Pro - Menu Style

The section settings are intended for making changes in the appearance of the menu bar. The block contains the following parameters:

  • position – specifies the placement of the navigation bar on the left or right side of the site;
  • align – align the menu regarding the top, middle or bottom of the page;
  • shape – defines the type of the shape for visual display of elements (allows you to specify the square, circle or other shapes with rounded corners);
  • side space – the option to add or remove space between the panel and the side of the page to which it adjoins;
  • button space – indicates the small indent between different menu buttons;
  • label on – enables or disables the output of labels with prompts for users;
  • label space – the option for setting the indent between the label and the button;
  • label connected – defines the "built-in" of the label regarding the menu item;
  • label effect – allows to specify the effect when prompt text appears;
  • label speed – sets the animation speed (in ms).

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