Side Menu Pro - Item style settings

The color design of the side menu items is set through the style settings. With their help set the parameters for:

  • text color – sets the color of the text display in the side button;
  • background color – specifies the fill for the element in the inactive state;
  • background hover color – allows to create the background change effect when you select the button;
  • icon color – sets the tone for the graphic element of the side button.

Show settings

Display settings allow you to specify the options for displaying the menu item on the web resource. They output side elements depending on:

  • location on the web resource. The menu item can be displayed on all or separate pages and site posts, with the possibility of selecting the specific ID, setting exceptions;
  • user authorization status. The buttons are displayed for all site visitors or only for those who have passed or failed authorization;
  • the language of the page. With this feature, multilingual side menus are created.

Through the display settings, the display item state changes by default. Setting the tick to "Keep it extended" will allow you to display the button in its expanded form.

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