Side Menu Pro - Item settings

The general section of the settings for the menu item. To specify and select the main properties use:

  • name – specifies the name of the element, places the text in the open (or open by default) menu item;
  • item type – allows you to select the type of sidebar (link, modal window, share, print, back-to-top). It is used to create transitions to other pages, output information blocks or interact with forms, accelerate and improve the convenience of printing data, creating navigation and much more;
  • item position – determines the location of the component on the page (left or right);
  • icon – selects or inserts the graphic element for the side menu item. Setting the tick in the "custom" cell allows you to specify the link to the picture from a third-party resource. In the set of suggested icons there are stylized logos of popular web services and social networks, standard icons from operating systems and many others;
  • order – sets the order in which the side menu items are displayed on the page.

To select the specific type of element set additional parameters in the settings:

  • link – enter the address of the page to which the transition will be made. Allows to set the opening of a third-party site in the new or current window;
  • modal window – the ID of the pop-up block is required. In the window settings its display should be configured when the button is clicked, display on all pages, in the posts;
  • share – allows you to choose one of several popular social networks (Facebook, VK, Twitter and others) for copying and publishing information on the site.

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